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"Lion" campaign featured on ad exchanger

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

I was delighted to see Ad Exchanger chose to highlight a campaign I developed for the film "Lion."

For this campaign, I developed the strategy for all of the memes and written article content. This included creating all the "viral headlines" specifically mentioned on Ad Exchanger, as well as writing the article with highest engagement.

In the two week campaign, we generated 491,554 likes, comments and shares and 28.5 million total impressions across Facebook. We also were successful in generating tens of thousands of clicks to the Lion's landing page and Fandango. Ad Exchanger reported, "Not only did the movie perform strongly in markets where FamilyShare had huge audiences, the box office went up more than 7% a week after the campaign went live, when similar films decline about 30%."

See Ad Exchanger's report on the campaign here.

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