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developing the voice for a new daily email subscription

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

I am happy to announce that a project I have been working on is finally ready to debut.

We set out to create a product that would help busy parents be educated about news as well as give them resources for talking to their kids about tricky subjects that their kids are exposed to. What we've come up with is Daily Crunch, a daily email that delivers:

  • Bite-sized news (What’s actually going on with Boko Haram or politics?)

  • Hands-on ideas for tackling difficult topics with your child (like racism and violence)

  • The latest internet trends your kids will see (Hello, unicorn ice cream!)

  • Zany stories and activities to engage your kids (Did you hear about the girl who found a 65-million year old fossil?)

daily crunch email

I have been involved with the evolution of this product from conception to production to finally its release. Specifically, my role has been to develop the voice of this product. It's challenging to balance a fun, conversational tone that's inviting to readers while still being professional and respectful to the heavy content. However, I believe we've been able to strike that balance in Daily Crunch.

Currently, I am still involved in the day-to-day production of this project. This means that I:

  • Sort through the news for the most important stories

  • Make decisions about what we report on

  • Seek out expertise about how to talk to kids about these subjects

  • Find relevant statistics and the day's top trends

  • Write 50% of the copy

  • Edit the copy

  • Format the email in Sales Force

This project has been a journey and is still continuing to evolve. It's helped me to expand my skills as both a writer and researcher as well as my ability to do brand and product development.

View the Daily Crunch archive here.

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